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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  September 11, 2017 10:30pm-10:46pm BST

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those plans have been shelved for now, but brexit may bring more change. today, first minister nicola sturgeon announced she wants more powers over social security, immigration and trade. devolution, it seems, is an evolutionary process, one that isn't over yet. sarah smith, bbc news, edinburgh. football, and afterjust four league matches crystal palace have sacked their manager frank de boer. no premier league manager has been in charge of a club for fewer games. he's expected to be replaced by the former england coach roy hodgson, as our correspondent richard conway explains. defeat to burnley consigned crystal palace to the worst start of any top division team since 192a. frank de boer was only appointed injune, but knew he was a man under pressure. the only thing that i can control, you know, is to work very hard with the boys. that's what i'm going to do until the last end. that end came quickly.
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his appointment was billed as evolution, but in sacking him the club took a more darwinian stance — saying, simply: de boer is not alone, though. his brief tenure evokes memories of brian clough's 44 days at leeds united in the 1970s. another former palace manager, sam allardyce, lasted just one game in charge of england. but perhaps nothing can beat leroy rosenior‘s ten minutes in charge of torquay united in 2007. roy hodgson, last seen guiding england to an early euro 2016 exit, is tipped to succeed de boer. meanwhile, one managerial veteran believes more icebergs lie ahead. i was sacked as a champion, ranieri was sacked as a champion. frank de boer is sacked after four matches. next season, something incredible will happen again. so, nothing surprises me. with few exceptions,
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the life span of a premier league manager is a short and perilous one, as frank de boer has now discovered to his cost. richard conway, bbc news. newsnight is coming up on bbc two. tonight, hurricane irma. it is hard to add the words to the pictures we have all been seeing. we will be hearing from the mayor of miami. and the weather presenter tom arshavin acker is in florida to explain the life cycle of the hurricane, right from its beginnings in the hills of ethiopia. don't forget, the events in the house of commons, there will be votes on that important vote coming up. here on bbc one it's time for the news where you are. hello and welcome to sportsday — i'm will perry. tonight's headlines: just when he needed a bit of luck — is slaven bilic‘s job safe after their first league win of the season? not such a happy monday
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for frank de boer — sacked by crystal palace afterfour league games. roy hodgson is set to replace him. and we hear from world heavyweight champion anthonyjoshua as he prepares for his title defence next month in cardiff. huge relief tonight for west ham and especially their manager slaven billic who was under enormous pressure to beat huddersfield in the premier league with much speculation that his job was on the line after three straight defeats. 2—0 it finished, tim hague watched the action at the london stadium. slaven billic, a birthday boy under fire and not from bubbles. his west ham side rock bottom of the table
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thanks to start that is in complete contrast to that of their opponents. but with over 50,000 inside the london stadium the hammers had the measure of huddersfield early, andy carroll back from injury almost setting up the opener inside two minutes. before hernandez went equally close, every miss to increase the anxiety but there was no breakthrough. given the away side have gone boldly where no huddersfield team has gone before so far this season they threatened to cause another surprise here. but this time luck was very much chon west ham's side. you won't get luckier than that. pedro 0biang's shot, a huge deflection, relief if ever you've seen shot, a huge deflection, relief if ever you've seen it. while the nerves remained at 1—0, substitute andre ayew ensured they disappeared shortly after, this day to enjoy after a ll shortly after, this day to enjoy after all and who doesn't want bubbles their birthday? in the first
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half we were really dominant, we created maybe a couple of big chances but more than that we stop them from creating anything and to be fairwe had them from creating anything and to be fair we had corners and crosses, there were a lot of things happening in their box. we got rewarded, old but lucky for the first goal but overall we deserved three points tonight. i think it was a deserved defeat. we were not good today especially with the ball. i think in the defence we worked, we fought and tried everything and even if you see the goals were lucky, a deflection and a corner which was very unlucky when we conceded a second one, we have to be honest that we were not good enough with the ball. we were not brave enough, not confident enough with the ball and it makes totally no sense for us not to play
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with bravery and confidence after what we've done so far today, especially with the ball we were not good enough. west ham move up to 18th after that win and clean sheet, still in the relegation zone but it must ease the pressure slightly for slaven bilic whilst bournemouth and crystal palace remain in the bottom two — yet to pick up any points this season. at the top, that result leaves huddersfield in sixth, after dropping points for the first time this season and conceding their first goals of the campaign. frank de boer today became the first managerial casualty of the season as he was sacked by crystal palace after just four league games. four defeats, not a single goal scored, it's the worst start to a season in premier league history. but former crystal palace winger and coachjohn salako doesn't agree with the decision. it's not something the club wants or needs although the club's been in the premier league last geared as you say but the turnover of managers isa you say but the turnover of managers is a real concern because you need that stability, you need direction.
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the academy needs addressing and when you are going to sign players, this transfer window i really thought there was going to be a big clear out, they were going to back frank, let him bring insects, seven, maybe eight signings but it didn't happen. it's all a bit of a circus now. 0bviously happen. it's all a bit of a circus now. obviously the talk is no rodney hudson is coming in who is another former england manager vastly experienced, we've been through ian holloway, neil warnock, tony pulis, alan pardew, holloway, neil warnock, tony pulis, alan pa rdew, strong holloway, neil warnock, tony pulis, alan pardew, strong and pragmatic and experienced english managers and roy hodgson would fit the bill. former england manger roy hodgson is expected to succeed de boer on a two year contract. he hasn't managed in the premier league since leaving west brom to become england boss in 2012. as patrick gearey reports this would be his firstjob since quitting as manager of the national side after euro 2016, when england were knocked out by iceland. the world has seen little of roy
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hodgson since that night. iceland have turned it around to lead! the england team he had spent four years building exposed by iceland, out of the euros. that is the worst performance i've ever seen from an england team, ever. my contract was a lwa ys england team, ever. my contract was always up after the euros so now is the time for someone else to oversee the time for someone else to oversee the progress of this young hungry and extremely talented group of players. you would forgive him for wanting to disappear from view but he's never been kept down for long. this is a man who led switzerland two world cup, he's not scared of the challenge. he has recovered from failure before, he was shown the door at liverpool after only six months then made a success of his time with west brom. palace will rate his record and with fulham really pulled out of a nosedive towards relegation to reach the uefa cup final. former palace defender
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brede hangeland also played in that fulham team. he will get the team well organised, hard to beat and build from there. i think that's the kind of approach crystal palace need andi kind of approach crystal palace need and i actually think the playing squad will suit him quite well. i think it could be a good match. roy hodgson has no shortage of experience, not many managers around to have coached teams at two world cups and two european championships. the eagles are now calling, it's the boy from south london finally returning to the nest. sam allardyce has tonight ruled out returning to crystal palace. allardyce says he spoke to the palace chairman steve parish earlier today but doesn't want to make a quick return to management. senior fa executives are to be summoned to a parliamentary inquiry to face questions about the two investigations that cleared england women's manager mark sampson of making allegedly racist remarks to former player eni aluko. the fa in two separate reviews
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cleared mark sampson of those allegations, said he was guilty of no wrongdoing whatsoever but eni aluko told me she was unhappy with the way those investigations had been conducted. she said they were flawed because key witnesses had not been interviewed by either the fa or the independent barrister asked to conduct an external investigation. this will make it hard for the fa to move on because as i this will make it hard for the fa to move on because as i say that select committee does intend to call it the executives to explain themselves and i understand both eni aluko and anotherformer i understand both eni aluko and another former player lianne sanderson will be asked to give evidence and the hearing is expected to ta ke evidence and the hearing is expected to take place in mid—october. england players and staff will be advised not to use public or hotel wi—fi at next summer's world cup in russia over hacking fears. the fa are concerned that sensitive information such as injury, squad selection and tactical details could be exposed — if they qualify. fears of data theft have been heightened following last month's fancy bears hack regarding the use of banned medicines in football. a world xi cricket team has
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arrived in pakistan ahead of a three—match twenty 20 series. it's hoped that the series will open the doors for international cricket's return to the country after eight years. pakistan has only hosted one international series since militants attacked a bus carrying the sri lankan cricket team in 2009. boxing now, and anthony joshua has been speaking ahead of next month's world title fight against kubrat pulev in cardiff. joshua's defending his ibf, wba, and ibo belts against the bulgarian, whose only defeat came against wladimir klitshko in 2014. joshua, remember knocked out klitschko at wembley stadium in his last fight and wants to continue cementing his position in the sport the goal remains the same, the motivation remains the same but what i've noticed is some of the old legends of the sport, holyfield, tyson, foreman, guys i have looked
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up tyson, foreman, guys i have looked up to, i've seen positive comments and they are saying the spark which was missing has been brought back to life and they are enjoying the division and what we are doing. keep it going. when i get that type of respect from the greats it's phenomenal and i realise that know how many critics you get as long as the great she looked up to giving you praise and credit i think it sits with me and will for a long time. joshua's promoter eddie hearn also confirmed today that ireland's katie taylor will fight for the wba lightweight title next month on the joshua undercard. the olympic gold medallist from london 2012 has won her six professional fights so far, four by knockout. that's all from sportsday — on an evening of relief for west ham and slaven bilic. coming up in a moment, the papers. hello and welcome to our look ahead
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to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are dia chakravarty brexit editor of the telegraph and henry mance, political correspondent at the financial times. the ft says wall street is breathing a sigh of relief after hurricane irma's westward shift eased fears about widespread devastation in florida and propelled the us stock market to fresh records. the metro says the holby city actor, john michie is in mourning following the suspected murder of his daughter at a music festival in dorset. a man is being questioned over her death. the i claims nurses and teachers are threatening strike action if they are told to accept a pay cap for an eighth year. the warning comes after reports
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that the government will sign of rises above 1% for police and prison officers. the daily telegraph claims bbc radio 4 has won a battle to ease its public service role under plans drawn up by the new regulator 0fcom. the daily express reveals that britain has paid £374 billion into the eu's coffers over the past 43 years. the times claims theresa may has asked president trump to intervene ina asked president trump to intervene in a trade dispute which threatens thousands of jobs in in a trade dispute which threatens thousands ofjobs in belfast amid pressure from the dup. the daily mail leads on reports from its investigations unit on the activities of labours shadow chancellor. let's look at some of the stories behind the headlines, the stories behind the headlines, the titans, trump mane jobs, the stories behind the headlines, the titans, trump manejobs, ulster unionists are diplomas to protect the belfast economy. the us -based
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international trade commission is meant to be making a decision on the complaint which was brought by the american company boeing, aircraft building company


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